Aeteam.design is an interior design studio that creates space for life, work, and creativity, as well as a place for dreams, strength, and fulfillment.

A home is a special place for each person, where it is warm and cozy. Everyone sees it in their way, but we will try to help our client to make this place as complete as possible.

An idea, which is still only a fantasy, tomorrow may turn into a promising design project, and in a few months - into a full-fledged object.

Start your story with us.
Our main message is a minimalistic, comfortable interior in which space is built based on ergonomics and aesthetics.

Purity and space are present in every corner of our project.

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Please, be informed, that the intellectual property rights to all the photos, designs and other materials on this Site belong to “Aeteam”. You may request permission to use them by contacting us at: contact@aeteam.design.


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