We create a dream and implement the most interesting ideas.

Our main task is to create an individual interior focusing on a modern customer living in the rhythm of today's model of the world.
We create a high-quality, minimalistic interior that will delight its owners for many years, attract the attention of guests entering it, and, most importantly, will always be relevant.

Three pillars on which our philosophy is based:
-Harmony of the space that we create
-Following your creative convictions
-Ergonomics throughout

Whatever you’re up to, we will help to implement it, and we will also be your assistant and friend in making difficult decisions that will last for years.

Get in touch:

Please, be informed, that the intellectual property rights to all the photos, designs and other materials on this Site belong to “Aeteam”. You may request permission to use them by contacting us at: contact@aeteam.design.


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