This is a spacious apartment on one of the top floors of an elite complex in Warsaw. The total area of apartments is 115 m2, which is intended for a family of 3, where the adult and children's area is separated by a kitchen-living room.
A beautiful view from the windows and natural textures and colors in the interior create a lively atmosphere both for daily, rhythmic life and for quiet, cozy evenings with the family.

The master bedroom has two floor levels: on the upper one there is a freestanding inbani bathtub in a fully matte texture, and on the lower one there is a bedroom area and a bathroom hidden behind a glass sliding door.

Since in our interiors we always like to preserve the general style of the premises, we smoothly transferred some elements to the kitchen-living room area, adding a couple more natural textures.

The childroom turned out to be more minimalist, with smoother textures and pastel colors, which will allow it to be not only a nursery but also a teenager's room, Also, in the future, we will replace several elements in a guest room.

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